Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation and colonics) has traditionally been used to allay fevers and reduce pain in acute-care situations. It is used at Arcady Holistic, primarily a chronic-care clinic, to eliminate bowel toxins which provoke and worsen chronic ill-health conditions. Colonics are also a simple, effective method for helping to restore tone to the bowel.

Colon hydrotherapy is offered to the public as a stand-alone service.

Our colon hydrotherapy room is equipped with shower, toilet, and sink for your convenience and privacy. We use gravity-delivered water which has been double filtered and ultra-violet light sterilized; and we use only disposable single-use speculums.



Here at Arcady Holistic Clinic we have performed many thousands of colon hydrotherapy procedures since our start-up in 2001. Our trained and knowledgeable professional staff are welcoming and understanding of all client concerns. The anxiety that new, first-time clients feel is quickly dissipated by our experienced personnel and secure surroundings.
  • duration approximately 1 hour;
  • there is a brief "intake" form and assessment for new clients, no charge for this!;
  • procedure cost is $85 + tax;
  • member International Association of Colon Therapists (I-Act)

For your interest: this is what can happen in serious constipation.
Toxic Megacolon


Christina Fraser is our lead colon hydrotherapist. If you have any concerns as to how appropriate colonics may be for your health condition, simply phone and ask.


Just phone for an appointment. We do not charge for cancellations ... we know life happens.


Those on medications or suffering post-operative procedures: for your safety please consult with your physician as to their potential ill-effects and limitations.

None with active ulcerative colitis or recent distal bowel surgery will receive colonic treatments.
None in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Need even more info:

  • you can always phone for more information or with questions, 403-263-6568


Arcady Holistic Clinic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada